Thank you for visiting our patent law firm in the internet. BACH | IP LAW FIRM was founded in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia in 1996, with clients all over Germany. Since September 2020 we are also present in Bruchsal, Baden-Wuerttemberg, thus expanding our local services. With this opening we are entering an economically exciting region in Germany and Europe.


Almost simultaneously we are opening this virtual office which is an easy to use online counter. Every day of the year you have the opportunity to order patent attorney services at fair, fixed prices. Please use our contact form for your order.

We are pleased providing to you our services related to intellectual property rights this way. It includes patents and utility models as the so-called technical IP rights. As well, we are providing services related to trademarks and design protection (i.a. design patents, models and RCDs) which is the other side of creativity and inventorship in the economically relevant areas of marketing and commerce.


As experienced attorneys we are proud to provide these services to clients all over the world. With fixed prices for determined packages of intellectual property related proceedings, before the offices and courts, with researches or expert opinions you are in a comfortable position without fear about any uncertainties of foreign (German or European) jurisdiction or legislation. Be represented by a specialized law firm, by experienced and trained patent attorneys.


BACH FIX | IP is not only our name but also our philosophy. With our name 'BACH' we have been standing for what we do for about 25 years, namely our services around PATENTS, BRANDS AND DESIGN PATENTS/DESIGNS. What we do is Intellectual Property (IP). And "We fix IP", if something has been gone the wrong way with intellectual property in your company. No matter which side you are on, as the owner of intellectual property rights or if you are the person opposite to a proprietor of IP, we are there for you. We also make IP protection easy for you. We work for you at fixed, fair prices in order to keep your back free for your business ventures. We are looking forward to you. Test our formula!