Application of a German Trademark

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BACH FIX | IP prices1,2:

99 € one class | 129 € two classes | 159 € three classes

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Our services3:

Verification of possible general legal obstacles for the registration

Preparation of the list of products and services

Availability Search ( Identity) in DE, EU, WO

Filing of an application with the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA)

Representation before the Office (DPMA)

Our reports to you in the desired language (German, Spanish, English or French)

Sending the certificate to you



(1) VAT added only for customers based in Germany

(2) Official fees: 290 € (incl. three classes), 100 € for each additional class.

(3) Third party costs (shipping costs, etc) shall be borne by the client.


In detail:

Attorney's fees (VAT additionally): basic fee (incl. 1 class): 99 Euro, each additional class 30 €.