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Patentanwaltskanzlei Bach - Köln Bruchsal is an IP LAW FIRM in Germany specialized in patent, trademark and design protection.
Our clients are individuals, SMEs as well as patent departments of corporations of diverse industries.
With our international network of colleagues, we offer our clientele a one-stop shop of expertise in every area of specialization. We are representing before the German PTO, EPO, EUIPO, WIPO and in virtually every jurisdiction.
We provide expertise in many technical fields (ex. mechanics, automotive, aviation, materials science, especially glass materials; electronics, telecommunications, information technology, etc.).
Furthermore, we provide advice and support to many branches of industry and service (mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, medical devices, fashion, luxury goods, cosmetics, construction products, agricultural products, gastronomy, insurance, health care, banking, etc.)
With our services in Intellectual Property, you'll find best solutions for your particular business requirements in this field. We are looking forward protecting your innovative goods and services.